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S Journal addresses key issues in Lacanian psychoanalysis and its related fields of philosophy, film, literary criticism, and political ideology critique.


S14: 'helenecixous'

A special issue on the imperishable work of Hélène Cixous. Our inspiration comes from a neologism, pronounced by a young girl (Jean-Michel Rabaté’s daughter), which has evolved into a verb: to helenecixous.

An hecessity, an ixious nexus of sound and sense, Cixous escapes definition, writing us into reading differently, hearing through her words the invisible “Voice that causes writing”. Can we imagine reading her? Yes, certes, she retorts, because “there is always a letter” and these 12 letters, helenecixous, ne cesse pas de ne pas s’ixcrire.

Edited by Jean-Michel Rabaté and Sigi Jöttkandt. Abstracts due 1 April, 2023; Essay deadline: 31 August, 2023. Inquiries to Sigi Jöttkandt [sjottkandt at gmail.com].


Vol 13 (2022): Barbara Cassin

Edited by Oliver Feltham and Sigi Jöttkandt

Table of Contents


Interview (21 June, 2022)
Barbara Cassin, Oliver Feltham
Interview (17 May, 2022)
Jacques Lezra, Oliver Feltham


Cogitating with Barbara Cassin: Ontology, Sophistics, Feminine Voice
John McKeane
'I would prefer not to', or Who's Afraid of Hegel? Protagoras and Parrhêsia
Alexander Stagnell
The Performative Act: Discourse, Being and Temporality in Psychoanalysis
Bruno Carignano
Complicating the Universal: The Lessons of Barbara Cassin's 'Logology'
Samo Tomsič
'Lying is a bloodsport': Barbara Cassin and Theatricality
Oliver Feltham

General Articles

Logical Space in Lacan: From Poe's Letter to Valdemar's Body
Arka Chattopadhyay

Complete issue

S13: Barbara Cassin - 'il n'y a pas de philosophie de Barbara Cassin'
Oliver Feltham, Sigi Jottkandt