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Forthcoming issue S13: Barbara Cassin

Known for directing the Dictionary of Untranslatables (Princeton University Press, 2014) and her polemic against Google – Google-moi: la deuxième mission de l’Amérique (Paris: Albin-Michel, 2007) – French philosopher Barbara Cassin made her name with a magisterial rereading of the work of the Ancient sophists – L’Effet sophistique, 1995 - rescuing them from their Platonic and adjectival positioning as the casuistical and commercial others of philosophy. With painstaking philological care, inspired by Derrida and Heidegger yet somehow escaping their rhetorical ploys – perhaps due to a deeper transference to Gorgias – Cassin unearths and rebuilds the Sophist’s ‘logological’ conception of the relationship between discourse and time against Plato and Aristotle’s tendency to spatialize both discourse and time, in particular in the form of the ‘trope’. This reinterpretation of the doctrine, value, position and legacy of the sophists opens up the possibility of different histories of philosophy, indeed of different practices of writing beyond what has been called ‘history’ and ‘philosophy’. Not only does she unravel the Platonic distinction between philosopher and sophist to a point of unrecognizability and indetermination, but she also gives us some measure of the oppressive and disenabling weight of this mistaken dichotomy through the centuries right up until present-day partitions of discourses and allocations of prestige.

Cassin’s work leads its readers to imagine not only other scenes of philosophical writing, but also other practices of pedagogy, in which there is no longer any master to trace the disciple’s steps before her so as to guide her, but where the question of sexuation prefigures any assumed performance of gender.

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Vol 12 (2019): Marguerite Duras: 'Lacan is not all'

Edited by Dominiek Hoens and Sigi Jöttkandt

Table of Contents


Introduction: 'Lacan is not all'
Dominiek Hoens, Sigi Jöttkandt


Falling in love with Marguerite Duras
Jean-Michel Rabaté
Acts of Love and Unconscious Savoir in Marguerite Duras' Writing
Fernanda Negrete
Formal Destruction: The Art of the Fugue in Destroy, She Said
Joe Hughes
Screaming without Sound
Alexi Kukuljevic
The Woman and Her Name: Baxter, Véra Baxter
Cindy Zeiher
In Duras' Dark Room: Comments on Le Camion
Dominiek Hoens

General Articles

History's Hard Sign: Vladimir Nabokov's 'The Visit to the Museum'
Sigi Jöttkandt

Complete issue

S12: Marguerite Duras: 'Lacan is not all'
Dominiek Hoens, Sigi Jöttkandt, eds.