Vol 2 (2009)

Islam and Psychoanalysis

Edited by Sigi Jöttkandt and Joan Copjec

Table of Contents


Islam and Psychoanalysis
Sigi Jöttkandt, Joan Copjec


Cogito and the Subject of Arab Culture
Julien Maucade
To Believe or to Interpret
Jean-Michel Hirt
The Veil of Islam
Fethi Benslama
Nadia Tazi
Four Discourses on Authority in Islam
Christian Jambet
The Glow
Fethi Benslama


Translations of Monotheisms
Fethi Benslama, Jean-Luc Nancy
The Qu'ran and the Name-of-the-Father
Keith Al-Hasani


Constructing God the Impossible in Fethi Benslama's Psychoanalysis and the Challenge of Islam
Benjamin Bishop
Powers of the Negative: Sam Gillespie's Mathematics of Novelty
Benjamin Noys